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60’s looks that you can use in 2022

60’s looks that you can use in 2022

The 60’s were the most innovative and free era in modern history, including fashion and trends. With a generation influenced by rock & roll, peace, and love vibes, a new fashion wave came with a lot of colors and joyful patterns.

The best example of this innovative wave is tie-dye clothes, young people wanted to look happy and energized, and with creativity and experimentation tie dye garments came in as DIY accessories with a unique designs. You can energize your princess closet on this holiday vacation with a tie-dye biker

Tie Dye Short-Legging-Fanilu

Prints with esoteric and mystical patterns were also a trend, our printed legging gives you the perfect vibes for a retro look

Galaxy Capri-Legging-Fanilu

Without discussion 60’s was an era that allowed women to push the envelope, get creative and express themselves through experimentation, and clothes played an important role in breaking the norm and changing old and conservative perceptions about women's role and importance in modern and free society.

Alongside new ideological and political points of view, Rock and Roll definitely took an essential role in influencing an entire generation waving the freedom flag, and the apparel was (and it still is!) an essential part of every woman’s closet. You can rock your outfit with this incredible Rolling Stones t-shirt  which can be used as a crop top too!

Rolling Shirt

A wave of powerful women was leading the way giving young girls an opportunity to be independent and playful with their clothes, setting their identity expressed through numerous fashion trends and iconic looks that changed fashion history forever.

Spread the Lovetrendz vibes and take a step ahead of the rest leaving the baggy pants behind this holiday vacation and starting a new trend!

We love you free and creative, spread the Lovetrendz vibes!



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