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Leggins, a timeless piece of your fit this season!

Leggins, a timeless piece of your fit this season!

With the elevation of the once über-casual look by the fashion industry, it’s a beautiful time to get that fly look for your princess, especially on this holiday when we tend to travel and enjoy under the sun.

With that being said Leggings are not relegated anymore to sports or casual use; urban trends powered by brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, among others, and a change in the dress code conventions after the pandemic gave us a wonderful chance to experiment and try different patterns, colors, and prints to match our little queens steelo.

Just take a look at these squared pattern printed leggings which adds that ’90s/2000’s heat to your look: 

Checkers Neon Leggings-Legging-Fanilu

Let’s be clear, all the trends you used in middle school are back! And your daughters know that so it’s time to join the trend! A perfect example of how you can get into that look are these beautiful snakelike printed leggings that take us back to one of the most iconic and controversial eras in fashion: the 2000s

Snake Ombre Leggings-Fanilu

If you understood the assignment, probably you are also thinking on camo leggings, these are a great piece in your girl's fit,:

Camo Blue Leggings-Legging-Fanilu

Just keep in mind the essentials when you’re looking for that casual/trendy aesthetic and you will be fine!

Enjoy The Holidays!


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